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  Full Color Printing:  
  KRISHNA PRESS specializes in fast turnaround short run full color printing for businesses. Generally, we provide both traditional offset printing for those longer runs and digital printing for the shorter runs. Our experts will help you select the most cost effective method for your particular need.  

  High Volume Copying Black & White Printing:

We do Giant copy jobs! Do unforeseen holdups outside your control force you to wait until the last minute to get your copying done? Don't worry...we can get your copies
done on time! Our high volume / high speed copiers output materials at near warp speed...and every copy looks as good as the original. We can easily do 2-sided, card
stocks. We can even take your electronic files and print absolutely beautiful black and white prints including halftones, photos and screen tints with our super high quality digital output devices. As an added bonus, we produce very fast, low cost tab dividers. Check this one out!

While we do our best to ensure that every project is done right, only you know your project well enough to make sure all the elements are in place. Different types of proofs are available and discussed below so you can choose the proof that fits your needs best. We urge you to take the proofing phase seriously and check every document carefully. Once you have signed off on a final proof, you are giving us authorization to proceed with printing. After you have given us the approval to proceed, we will not re-print your job for any error you did not notice.


Image Resolution:
Here are some guidelines for preparing your files for printing.

  • Images should be 300 dpi (dots per inch) at the final size in the layout.
  • Text should be 400 dpi at the final size in the layout.
  • Use TIFF or PSD file formats to achieve the best color quality and sharpness of image. Other file formats tend to remove some of the original images. Images originally taken from a digital camera usually appear in JPEG format and need to be converted to a TIFF or PSD format. If your image is a photograph, we recommend an TIFF file format.
  • Try to avoid using images from the Internet or websites. These usually appear in GIF, JPEG or PNG file formats at a low dpi. Color and resolution are removed from these images to allow for rapid transfer. These images would appear fuzzy and dull if used for print.
  • Make sure all photos are set in the proper mode (CMYK).
  • Make sure your files are linked, not embedded, and that you send all your layout, image and font files (both screen and printer fonts) to us.
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